Thursday, January 5, 2012

Leadership is where you take it.

I was at my grocery store yesterday and I ran into a checker there who I knew to be a writer.  He had no one encouraging him, and so I chose to. 

Asking him how he was doing with his work, he went into a very happy expression about working his material and how.  I like to hear the sound of the authentic creator.  It's less and less rare now that I make it almost the exclusive context of the majority of my relationships.

He's got his chops down, technically speaking, and is a little more evolved in his narrative design that he is aware of.  I mentioned to him he ought to take a little more formal approach to his creative career and why.

It was the why that got to him the most of all, and that why is the subject of the new book I am writing.  I take so much inspiration from this new manuscript that I am kinda glad that Google did not offer me the job (though in truth, the head of HR told me it was almost incalculably impossible to get a job there, so I don't know if I was even close) because I want to keep working on this authentic path content.

I just believe in it's value to the planet so much, little else interests me, and that satisfies on of my rules for manuscript completion I always cite to younger and early learning curve literary creators - "If the story doesn't have you driven to complete it, it may not be the story you should be working on."

Now, there are modifications to this I will get into in future posts, such as patience in the creative process bringing completion to a pause.  But that is a different aspect of creativity.

So in describing to this young writer near the milk aisle the value of taking a more professional approach to the creator implementation of talent stream, I was able to successfully convey why he should be thinking in terms of a more formal digital platform coupled with a more formal or professional approach to his idea development.  

The reason is simple.  Building an audience of tribe members is part and parcel of growing artistically. If you are developing your truth, and it has meaning to others, disseminating that truth will be the tool by which your tribe builds itself.  They take your meaning for theirs, because they stand where you stand on that particular truth you manifested, and in exchange, they support you because you speak for them, or, have given crystallization to a truth they have not articulated themselves yet.

This made the young writer realize that truth has a political purpose, and in a world where by definition seventy five percent of inhabitants want nothing to change, that is important.

The people at Culture Sync put it this way, "One strong tribe is stronger than the world."

I think he now understands the political value of his truth is more activist than he realizes, and might help him get over the fear of getting better, or just playing with art and creativity, instead of growing and empowering yourself by it.

Of course, truth as a political purpose is one of the things we need more than anything else on this planet, but it most often has to happen one leader, and one leader's tribe at a time, until we can find a better tool for communitizing truth as a political tool. 

We'll probably find that when we unbind ourselves from the shackles of monetization mentality.  

I want you all to realize leadership and tribe building happens when the opportunity shows up.  It is not a meeting, it is a process.  If you are at the meeting point, then you are in a precarious place I will nickname "Godinsville" after Seth Godin's caveats about tribal organization component personality types.

I also got a call from somebody who had to finish a semester of school before she could get back to me, and I glad that she kept in touch.  I hope she calls, because she would be a valuable addition to the creator tribe.

And that tribe, by definition, is not a highly integrated organization.  Creators are highly independent, on their own path and not really interested in organizations, as most organizations are responsible for the ills of culture and civilization.

Or, haven't you noticed all the corrupt and broken organizations lying around on thrones of cash recently?

The Lone Comic

p.s.  I'm not going to go into a high degree of editing overview with my posts.  I reserve that for my label published product.

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