Monday, January 9, 2012

Working with other creators.

Hey Creators;

I went to the only pseudo bohemian coffee house in the area yesterday to meet with a woman who has great accomplishments artistically, and has gone through some shift class changes in her personal life while demonstrating skillful perspective and personal control.

I admire her, and feel I can help her with her music career.  Not that she would really need it - she's that good, but, there are aspects of the digital audience development process she would like to know more about.

The first thing I tell her, and you can take this to the bank, is that nothing flows without your story.

Most people neglect this aspect of creative development on both a creativity level and a creator level.  You will learn the difference between these two as we go along.  

I recommend you start with a simple, chronological bio of your entire life, from the point in time you realized that creativity was big for your perceptual experience, and timeline it from one creative breakthrough to the next until you have a good snapshot of how creativity has influenced you consciously or otherwise.

Next week, she is bringing what she has already written (and let me make this clear, just knowing it is not enough, you have to document it, and the greater detail you document it in will make you realize how much less creative process you would have had if you had not documented it) and we are going to go over her story.

I am excited, because this person has had a life worth living, with bruises and bumps as well as highlights and epiphanies.  Beats the template Madison Avenue has been shoving down our throats with the blessing of Wall Street since time began.

I fear most do not know the life they have been leading was somebody else's profit plan.  But that is the fate of the mediocre.  Since we are now culturally as the beginning of the age of authenticism, I have hope we can lead these batteries into the light without sapping their energizer bunny hops.

I asked her for some more time together as story conferencing is more intensive and temporal a process than most linearity heads can fathom, which is why people can be such awful storytellers.  

I hope she has more time, because the gift we give our tribe in our story is worth every effort.

However, let me caveat this now for all of your who do not have the strength to push through the dips, as Seth Godin would call them:

Leadership is tougher than love, because you may never be introduced to the people you have to serve with your all, and perhaps love as strangers as well.

Welcome to the writing process as it pertains to audience service.

I've got some thoughts on audience coming in the future as well.

Take care till next time,

The Lone Comic
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