Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I wanted evolution and got revolution.

Greetings Authenticism Seekers;

I joined a meetup group on Art Entrepreneur Start-ups.  It was formed at the beginning of 2012.  I was excited.  I wanted to meet and share my ideas and support for my Authentic Creator Evolution Project.

I waited for an announced meetup time and date.  Then I waited some more, then I waited some more.  Finally, the group had been formed for three months, and no meetups had been scheduled by group leadership.  I emailed them and was promptly, yet discreetly told if I was dissatisfied, I could leave the group.  Not even a response to my simple query of a simple question:  When is there going to be a meetup?

Some of us are motivated.  Some of us are inspired and seek meaning in collaborative arts entreprenurialism.  Some of us are so authentic as creators, there is little else we can do.

The status quo among you may not understand that last fact, but, I am not here to serve you.  Your kinds have only retarded the progress of the humanities, and are to only be regarded as the anchor dragging factor of cultural progress.

So, I wrote the ultimatum post to the group in the forums, and risked being kicked out of the group for telling the truth (you know, that dangerous articulation political creatures fear) about how this was a flat out disservice to membership, and then I offered my own meetup time and place to the first twenty respondents to my email address.

I even decided to break some of the incredible work I am doing in Authenticism and Cultural Opportunity and give a brief forum on

"Criterion for the Creative Corporation in the Authentic Era Ahead."

It's not a thick topic per se, but the intent is.

You see, we are a nation at a standstill, political gridlock, financial lack of inertia, our education system, healthcare system, social system, legal system - all are in limbo.

The only class of society capable of effectiveness right now are the creators.  The artists, writers, painters, dancers, actors and other fine and applied artists who have recognized they cannot live life without being a creator because that is what they are born as - creativity is not something you can switch off, though you can kill it.

We are the ones who manage to produce a body or work while scratching out an existence in the system.  

Or, is nobody aware that ultimately your crayons get taken away from you while quite young so you can be indoctrinated into being a productive member of society even if it costs you the repression and ostracizing of the greater part of yourself?

The creative part of yourself.  Some of us years later, after the indoctrination into the reading, writing and arithmetic most of us for the most part lose for failure to practice or our occupation emphasizes one and no others, and we simply lose the skill -  go back to art to learn the domain after years of repression of the creative in us and gain back only so much.

Then we go to work for the financial objectives as creators, serving up our talent to make somebody else money.

Or, the more courageous of us go the way of the outcast, and pay the price of a life outside the mainstream in exchange for the great voyage of rich discovery only the creative life can offer civilization now.  In fact, I say, the creative path followed even further than we extemporaneously comprehend now is the future of our evolutionary path.

Yeah, I said it, bringing the creative forth in all is the pipeline to allowing the subconscious mind into the relative and practical world permitting the future evolution of the human mind.

That part we repress, yeah, the subconscious - it's actually our future.   Or do you think banks, breeding and rectilinearity in dwelling is the apex of human development?

It will just work synonymously with our conscious mind, so we have the benefit of thinking and awareness with both parts of our consciousness.

But for now, as commerce has been perpetrated as the be-all end-all of civilization by those who advantage that way, the next evolutionary step is jailed due to failure to explore or understand it and benefit from it; even though it is us and you yourself.

But I believe the creator class of society now has an incumbent responsibility to lead society from its stall and backslide.  Creators now are no longer to be satisfied being labeled as misfits, outcasts and misunderstood so that they simply participate as little in society as they are able in order to continue uninterrupted creativity.

I've lived that life, and loved it, because the status quo only stinks of the stagnant and cultural cancer, but I have come to realize we creators can no longer afford that position.

Much as we ourselves and the society that fails to attempt to understand us (because it is fact 3/4 of the people you know right now don't want anything to change) like being left alone, that position has led up away from our ability to transform society.

We are left with the small purview of being allowed to thrive in exclusionary systems like entertainment, but that is as rigged a game as there ever was, or allowed to thrive in exclusionary systems like publishing, or galleries, or whatever patronize driven and objectified publication and public presentation system could organize itself.

Creators themselves have their own status quo, such as not permitting highly transformative creators into their "colonies" and "creative commons" or "creative collectives."  However, if you are a cup and saucer maker, or a painter of landscapes and other 'pretty' art sans any statement of the human condition outside of vanity, the doors open wide and welcome to the craft commerce of the mediocre.

Have we forgotten the risk that Martha Graham took creating modern dance out of the squalor, sloth and self-enchantment that was the Balanchine ballet?  Right down to flat out deception she needed in order to change the status quo.

Creators, hide no more, or you will have to do more than sing and dance for your supper in the future, you will have to capitulate your values and prostitute your ethics, much like people do everyday for a mere dollar more.

I am the Lone Comic, and I am the Defender Of Entertainment, and the Authentic Creator Evolution Project starts now, with me.


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